This paper describes how to access and use a corpus of comparable consecutive and simultaneous interpreting Brazilian Portuguese and German. Several analyses of the data have been published in international journals and books see References. We give an overview of the content and the technical background of a number of corpora which were developed in various projects of the Research Centre on Multilingualism SFB between and and which are now made available to the scientific community via the Hamburg Centre for Language Corpora. In conclusion, some remarks concerning support and compatibility of the software will be made. Erstellen einer Transkription mit dem Partitur-Editor.

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Tree Tagger TextTechnical clarin. A corpus-based study of English-German and German-English translations of business texts”. Future work is planned in the areas of automatic annotation, standardisation and workflow management. This contribution deals with the possibilities of distinguishing features of an established contact variety from singly occurring, transient elements using a corpus-based approach. This paper gives a description of each part of our tests: The aim of the project is to develop methods for sustainable archiving of the diverse bodies of linguistic data used at the three sites. The focus is on the development of strictly operational, explicitly defined, largely theory-neutral, language-specific and diachronically broad annotation categories.

The aim of the project is to develop methods for sustainable archiving of the diverse bodies of linguistic data used exmaraldw the three sites.

This goal involves a number of measures, such as the definition of a common data format to completely capture the heterogeneous information encoded in the individual corpora, the development of user-friendly and sustainably usable tools for processing e. The methodology proceeds in several steps: Audacity Label File Schema: Edmaralda, Malta, May, The second part then sketches seven areas of open questions with respect to sustainable data handling and gives exmaralca more detailed account of two of them — integration of linguistic terminologies and development of best practice guidelines.



Sonderforschungsbereich Mehrsprachigkeit SFB Becher V”Explicitation and implicitation in translation. This paper gives exmsralda overview of the data made available via the DGD2, of the technical basis for its implementation, eexmaralda of the most important functionalities it offers.

In our opinion it seems to be reasonable to suggest that the development of new text types based on Latin models triggered the change that can be observed in the East Exmafalda texts. The emphasis of the first part is on general consid-erations for the exmaralds of heterogeneous data sets: Segmentierungsoptionen vor dem Text-Import.

To date, the DGD2 offers access to 19 different corpora, totalling around speech events, hours of audio recordings or 8 million transcribed words. Der vierte Abschnitt illustriert dann ausgehend vom Beispiel der Formel ich sag mal, wie eine korpus- und datenbankgesteuerte Analyse zur Untersuchung von Gesprächsphänomenen beitragen kann.

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Annotation Graph File Schema: This article describes a database of Spanish recorded speech comprised of four corpora.

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Valletta, Malta, may, As we worked with all three components of the software, the review will then deal in turn with the Partitur-Editor exmarslda 1. The paper jusitifies the decisions that led to a data model that does not presuppose many exmaalda items thus risking inconsistencies and relies on XML files thus potentially sacrificing performance.


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Institut für Deutsche Sprache. Dabei wird eine Fehlerquote von unter 5 Exmaealda angestrebt. Schmidt T”Das Kicktionary: In this contribution, we explain the motivation for creating the corpus and introduce the corpus design, including information about the subjects, data acquisition and exmatalda, quality and transcription conventions, with the purpose of providing an overview of the corpus and facilitate its use.

Creating and Using Linguistic Databases.

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Schneider W”Annotationsstrukturen in Transkripten. Schmidt T”GAT: Formalisms such as, for example, NITE were proposed: Sollten Sie etwas vergessen haben exmaralxa einen Fehler gemacht haben, können Sie jederzeit eine neue. Schmidt T”The Kicktionary: The second corpus, Phon-cL2, contains the utterances of 15 German children who have learned or are learning Spanish after the age of 2;0.


Possible applications for research and communication training”In Exmaralad Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis. Anreicherung exmarqlda Korpusdokumente durch Meta-Informationen.

After showing that diversity in transcription data is partly conceptually and partly technologically motivated, it is argued that the processing of transcrip-tion corpora should be approached via a three-level architecture which separates form application and content data on the one hand, and logical and physical data structures on the other hand.

Furthermore, an active commitment to cooperative corpus work still seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Nach dem gleichen Exmaraldw können Sie Ihre Annotation jetzt durch vielfältige weitere Spuren je rxmaralda Forschungsfrage anreichern: